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Héméra provides

Mentoring, Network, Education and Capital to help entrepreneurs change the world.

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By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

See Hemera as a club of carefully selected Entrepreneurs who deserve the care and the attention that we put into their venture.

Be ready to learn and fail

We all make mistakes, they are inherent to taking risk and breaking things. Someone who doesn’t fail doesn’t try. We will make sure you have some guidance to help you take the right decisions. But we will never decide for you.

Show a purpose

Don’t just do the job, or you’re not our kind of person. We have a great network of contacts throughout the world to introduce you. These guys look for purpose and ambition, not just average execution.

It’s about a long term Commitment

Because it sometimes (most of the time) takes more than a few weeks to build a scalable and profitable business, you join Hemera for a long term partnership, not just a few weeks’ acceleration.

We will invest in your startup

If we accept you to join Hemera, we will invest in your startup through capital. Although we think our service are the most invaluable assets, we think funding is the best way to show trust and align on ambitions.

Be ready to give back

Entrepreneurship is a journey, not an end. We think each of us have value to bring to Hemera and other members. Be ready to open your network, open your mind and open your heart to build a great story, together.

You’ll have a place to work

We believe startups learn more when they work side by side. We want founders to say that working with peers is the best part of Hemera. We built our program around great offices for you to stay and focus on your job. Hemera is also a place for events and for bigger companies to come to meet you.

We want Bordeaux and its startups to succeed

Bordeaux and the South West region drive a great deal of innovation through startups. They deserve a place to stay, meet, learn, scale, and succeed. Hemera is the southwestern Accelerator, made by Entrepreneurs, located in Bordeaux.


We work with founders and companies to transform good ideas into great products and services.



We work with top tier partners that help us assist our startups in their mission to change the world.


Here at Héméra we strive to bring you the best of the best to share their knowledge and process. Whether they are the up-and-comers whose work you need to be watching, or the tech leaders whose business you’ve long admired; you will leave inspired and ready to create.

Benoit Droulin

Board Member & Mentor

Julien Parrou

Board Member & Mentor

David Ducourneau

Board Member & Mentor

Claire Gendron

Business Development Manager

Gregory Lefort

Board Member & Mentor

Adrien Dulong

Managing Director & Mentor

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